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Caribbean Hold ’em Poker – Everything You Need To Know

Caribbean Hold ’em Poker is a variation of the Poker game using a 52-card Western deck except for jokers. Currently, this card game is quite popular in casinos and online bookmakers.

The Caribbean Hold ’em Poker card game has a fairly simple gameplay, high winning rate, and probability of winning.

A special feature that makes this card game attractive to many players is that you will receive all bets of all players in the main pot if you win.

So specifically, what is Caribbean Hold ’em Poker how to play this game? Please follow our article below.

Caribbean Hold’em Poker History

In the late 1990s, a professional poker player named Stephen Au Yeung began exploring ways to teach his girlfriend how to play the poker style known as Texas Hold ’em.

Au Yeung eventually came up with a simple lesson based on five community cards and two hole cards. Over time, his teaching tool evolved into a mixed table game called Casino Hold ’em, commonly known as Caribbean Hold ’em.


The Casino Hold ’em game was officially launched in 2000, but according to Au Yeung, it will take another 10 years to succeed.

Eventually, the game became widely available across the US and across Europe, including countries like the Netherlands, Latvia, Estonia, Ireland, Morocco, Malta, Ukraine, Romania, and Egypt, Russia, South Africa Panama.

In addition, online casino software companies such as Net Entertainment (NetEnt), Real Time Gaming (RTG), Playtech, Gamesys, and Galewind Software have contracted with Au Yeung to develop Internet-based versions of Casino Hold ’em.

An offshoot of the game called Caribbean Hold ’em was also developed by RTG, in which a single rule adjustment was made to differentiate the two games. This page will include both Casino Hold ’em and Caribbean Hold ’em unless stated otherwise, as both games are essentially identical.

However, there are still some changes in the rules.

The Variant Of Caribbean Poker

Caribbean Hold ’em Poker is one of three Caribbean-inspired table games that have attracted the attention of game enthusiasts around the world over the past decade.

To better understand what Poker is, let’s go into the game poker, Caribbean Hold ’em, where people use a 52-card deck and chips instead of cash for the convenience of cash, and place a bet while playing.

Before playing Poker in casinos, players must convert their current holdings into tokens of different values to bring them to the table.

If you play online, you can buy chips by recharging the game by means of phone cards or any other methods.

By having the player play against the dealer, as a single dealer, the game resembles blackjack in many ways, but from the very first failure, you will surely know you’re playing Hold ’em.

However, instead, take your chances against eight other opponents at a proper poker table, and play with the card sharks and the pros waiting to eat all your chips if you make a mistake.

Caribbean Hold ’em Poker offers limited (and thus limited risk) betting, along with only one opponent to beat in the house.

The Caribbean Hold ’em Poker Rules

In the past, when it comes to poker games, people did not understand the meaning of Poke. They just thought it was an entertaining game, burning time, a red and black game where a lot of money would win.

However, nowadays, Poker is known as an intellectual sport that requires players to use their knowledge and skills plus a little luck to be able to win and master the game.


If you enter a game of Poker without understanding its rules and having no sharpness in the game, then your chances of winning will be very low, and probably almost nonexistent.

When you enter the table, each player is dealt 2 face cards, and you will have to keep those 2 cards carefully so that the opponent cannot see your hand.

Next, the dealer dealt with 5 cards in the next rounds of a hand (3-card Flop round, 1-card turn, and the last 1-card turn is River round).

In each round, players will have the right to Fold, Check / Bet, Call, Raise, depending on their cards’ strengths and weaknesses in the rounds.

You can use your 2 cards, combine them with 5 common cards, then choose the 5 cards with the strongest link to compare with your opponents.

At the show round, whoever holds the 5 strongest cards will be the winner of the hand.

These are the basic rules of a poker game. However, in each hand, there will be different situations and playstyles where the game may end before the show round.

How To Play Caribbean Hold ’em Poker

At the beginning of the Caribbean Hold ’em game, you will likely feel like you’re sitting on the blackjack table.

The layout is very similar, as you will see the betting boxes in front of your area, along with spaces for your hand, the dealer hand, and the community cards.

Ante Bet

The game starts when you have a mandatory pre-bet, and this can be any amount you choose depending on your bank account limits.

Many players enjoy Caribbean Hold ’em Poker for just $ 1 per hand, while others prefer to increase the action by up to $ 5 or $ 10 per hand or even more.

Card Handling

After you have made a bet, an action is done by simply clicking on the number of chips you want to bet.

Clicking on the transaction will cause the dealer to deal two cards face up to form your hand, and two cards face down to form yourself.

Check If You Won Against The Dealer

Finally, the dealer will place three cards face down in the center of the table, and like the traditional Caribbean Hold ’em Poker, these important community cards are called the flop.

The Action In A Caribbean Hold’em Poker

In any betting round of a redemption poker game, the following actions occur:

  • Fold: It means you discard the bet amount. Usually, in cases where the hand is too bad or when you encounter strong hands that cannot win, you should do this action.
  • Bet: Players can bet right from the moment others have not placed their bets. Then, the other players are required to wager at least the same amount as the first bet.
  • Raise: When one player bets, the others have the option to either bet or raise. This action has the meaning of putting pressure on the remaining opponents. If they are not willing to pay more, they have the option to fold.
  • Call: The next player can spend an amount equal to the previous person who bet to continue the hand.
  • Check: In case it is your turn, but no one has bet before, you can check and pass the turn to the next person. That means you do not bet any money and give it to the next person.

Side Bets On Caribbean Hold’em Poker

The main proposition of Caribbean Hold ’em Poker is a progressive proposition. This is a feature in RTG casinos.

Players may encounter other propositions on similar games like Casino Hold ’em or Ultimate Caribbean Hold ’em, so we will discuss those propositions in the Caribbean Hold ’em poker side bet.

Adding a progressive side bet changes the fundamental Caribbean Hold ’em strategy.

As you research the Hold ’em Poker tips, keep an eye out for the pages that specifically discuss RealTime Gaming’s Poker Caribbean Hold ’em strategy.

Also, remember that the progressive side bet changes the Hold ’em Poker odds from 2.16% to 6%. The house edge is still equal to or better than most games with progressive jackpots or lottery payouts.

The following are the bet types within the Caribbean Hold ’em Poker:

Progressive Side Bet

RTG casinos with Caribbean Hold ’em Poker and Caribbean Stud Poker share the same progressive jackpot. Lynton Limited casinos such as Bovada, Slots.lv, and Ignition Casino had jackpots amounting to $ 127,000.

Meanwhile, some Caribbean Hold ’em jackpots were as high as $ 129,000.

Casino Hold’em Side Bet

In casinos that do not use RealTime Gaming software, you will find a fixed jackpot side bet of 100: 1 payout against the initial bet for a single royal spill. The other 5-card hands of a pair or better also payout.

Ultimate Caribbean Hold ’em Side Bet

Ultimate Caribbean Holdem was invented by Shufflemaster’s Roger Snow and found in the casinos of Bally Technologies.

Ultimate Caribbean Holdem side bets feature a fixed jackpot of 500 times the amount wagered on one royal wager, plus payouts for straight or better.

Heads Up Hold’em

It is a table game found in the Galaxy Gaming casinos. Its side bet is quite similar to the Ultimate Caribbean Hold ’em proposition, with a payout of 500 times for a royal spill.

Poker Pursuit

Poker Pursuit is a variant of the Caribbean Hold ’em Poker played at Microgaming casinos, such as Betway Casino.

Poker Pursuit plays the same as Caribbean Hold ’em Poker, but a fixed side bet of the jackpot pays 1000: 1 for the royal draw.

Live Casino Hold ’em Side Bet

Golden Nugget online casino in the New Jersey game market has just launched Holdem Online Casino. The side bet’s payout table is the same as Casino Hold ’em online, with 100: 1 odds for the proposition.

As you can see, progressive camp bets on Caribbean Hold ’em Poker have a much higher reward than fixed payouts on other versions of the game.

For Caribbean Hold ’em Poker, players will be interested to know that the side bet also pays for one straight, 4-type, whole-house, straight and straight draw.

Below is the complete list of payout made by Caribbean Holdem Poker.

Caribbean Holdem Poker Payout

The dealer of the dealer must rank equal or higher in order to be eligible to participate in Caribbean Hold ’em Poker.

Knowing what constitutes a qualifying hand is essential in this game as wagering on your call, and the associated winnings are only paid out when you beat the qualified dealer hand.


For example, when you go on a roll but the dealer only makes a triple or any hand lower than a four, your first bet will be paid 1 to 1, but bet the call. The supplement is simply returned to you as a kick.

In this case, you will be entitled to a 2 to 1 bonus on your pre-bet when making a blow, but since the dealer does not qualify, instead your pre-bet will be paid out at 1 to 1.

When your hand wins the house’s unqualified hand, the first bet is always paid at 1 to 1, but the first bet can generate a bonus when you place the big hand before the house’s qualifying hand.

Here are the Caribbean Holdem payout you need to know:

  • Royal Flush: A, K, Q, J, 10 of the same suit. The ratio is 100: 1.
  • Straight Flush: 5 cards of the same suit in sequence. The ratio is 20: 1.
  • Four of a Kind: 4 cards of the same rank. The ratio is 10: 1.
  • Full House: 3 of a Kind, plus a pair. The ratio is 3: 1.
  • Flush: 5 cards of the same suit. The ratio is 2: 1.
  • Straight: 5 cards in sequence, mixed suits. The ratio is 1: 1.
  • Three of a Kind: 3 cards of the same rank. The ratio is 1: 1.
  • Two pairs: 2 pairs of different ranks. The ratio is 1: 1.
  • One pair: 1 pair (2 cards) of the same rank. The ratio is 1: 1.
  • High card: 3 cards of the same rank. The ratio is 1: 1.

The Strategy Of Playing Caribbean Poker Hold ’em

This is true of most table games. One of the biggest strategic elements you can rely on is basic discipline.

Betting On The Side Of Caribbean Hold ’em

You will definitely want to try placing progressive jackpot side bets, especially with a running banner displaying the jackpot amount when it is several inches taller.

And while these bets can sometimes be a bit of fun, winning at Caribbean Hold ’em Poker requires you to avoid this bet whenever possible.

Fold As Needed

You will stay to the right of the variance simply by making the most sensible choice based on the five cards shown on the feel.

By comparing your two hole cards to the flop and evaluating the relative strength you are holding, you will be able to fold when the situation is unfavorable for you.

Caribbean Hold ’em Poker consecutive losers only need to play every hand they are dealt with while refusing to fold, but statistical analysis has shown that the winners are about 19% of the hand.

This means that about one out of every five hands you see should be folded. It is important to decide which four hands to hold.

Practice Before Playing

Another useful resource to practice for the Caribbean Hold ’em Poker session is this hand power calculator.


By plugging in any two hands of interest, along with three different drop points, the tool will get back accurate data about your expected value if you choose to fold or call.

After an hour or so of using this calculator, you will likely find your inborn ability to suddenly improve, as you will encounter situations that you have played before.

Where To Play Caribbean Hold ’em Poker?

Before the current series of online Caribbean Hold ’em Poker playmakers, it is essential to choose a reputable place to bet.

We can participate in playing Caribbean Hold ’em Poker at many different casinos and bookmakers in the market.

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The reason is because these bookmakers have a long history of operation, prestige, and quality than the bookmakers have not been licensed to operate.

Besides Caribbean Hold ’em Poker, the Betting Valley website also offers many other games for you to choose from.

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At the same time, this website also has articles detailing instructions on how to play, sharing experiences of playing casino games for players to have the best experience.

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Final Words

The above are the most basic explanations about the game Caribbean Hold ’em Poker. Hopefully, with the above information, you will have the most basic understanding of this game and be ready to start the game.

Caribbean Hold ’em Poker also had a difficult start. However, when you get more experience after each game, you will love this card game because of its very attractive strategy.

We hope you have a happy experience and win convincing victories.

Thanks for reading our article!