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How To Play Caribbean Stud Poker? Best Guide For Players

Caribbean Stud Poker is the first new casino game widely used by an automatic shuffle machine. This is a standard size board game with a dealer.

The game was conceived in the early 80s, and everyone from less fortunate poker players to cruise ship managers to poker boss David Sklansky could be the real inventors of the game.

Therefore, today’s article will guide you on how to play strip poker. Invite you to follow this article to know!

What Is Caribbean Stud Poker?

The phrase “Caribbean Stud Poker” actually refers to two different games. One is an actual casino table game (owned by SHFL, formerly ShuffleMaster), and the other is a series of games, modeled after a trademarked version.

Caribbean Stud Poker Online allows you to access this popular table poker game from your laptop, smartphone, tablet, or another Web-accessible device. Caribbean Stud Poker is a variation of table poker with five cards.


This casino game is a computerized version of the five stud poker game. The game is similar to standard poker using a regular 52-card deck. The main difference is that the player is trying to beat the dealer, not the other player.

Like many free online casino games, Caribbean Stud Poker has quickly been chosen by many Asian casinos. The game is a popular choice for most casino players in Macau, Korea, Singapore, Australia, and many Asian countries.

And currently, there are three popular types of Poker games: Draw Poker, Stud Poker, and Community Card Poker.

Caribbean Stud Poker Rules

The game is played with a standard 52 card deck. The goal is to match the cards to find the person with the higher hand after two betting rounds.

You start the game Caribbean Stud Poker online by placing an ante bet. Once the ante bet has been placed, you have the option to place a progressive bet. The stakes are usually $ 1.


After the bets have been placed, you and the dealer are dealt five cards each. Your cards are face down. Four of the dealer’s cards will be face down, one face up.

The only information that you will have to make your next decision is the content of your hand and the dealer. At this point, you can fold to avoid additional losses and lose only your ante and progressions (if placed).

Or you can choose to place an additional bet in the hope that your hand is higher than the hand of the dealer. On the contrary, you should not choose to bet, because you have to bet twice your first bet.

If you decide to place an additional bet, the dealer will open all cards. If you find your hand is higher than the dealer, you win. To be eligible, the dealer’s hand must contain at least one Ace and one King.

If the dealer’s hand does not qualify, the dealer will discard the hand, and you will only be paid an amount equal to your original bet. Additional stakes will not be paid.

What if the dealer’s hand qualifies? The dealer is forced to match his hand against yours, based on standard poker rules. If your hand is higher, your ante bet is paid out at 1: 1.

The funniest part is when the dealer qualifies, and your hand wins. Your additional stake will then be paid. The standard winnings for additional bets are as follows:

Royal Flush 100 to 1
Straight flush 50 to 1
Four of a kind 20 to 1
Full house 7 to 1
Flush 5 to 1
Straight 4 to 1
Three of a kind 3 to 1
Two pair 2 to 1
All other 1 to 1

Let’s say you’ve made an ante bet of $ 5, have three Js, and win the qualified dealer. You staked $ 15 in total and made $ 40.

What if the dealer wins? You will lose both your ante bet and your additional bet.

Instructions On How To Play Caribbean Stud Poker

How to play Poker Stud is so simple. You just need to follow these steps:

First, click the Deal button to deal.

A five-card hand will be split between you and the dealer. The cards dealt to you will be turned face-up, one card dealt to the dealer will be dealt face-up, and the rest face up.

When you watch the cards, it is you who decide to either play or stop.

If you stop (click the Fold button), you will lose your initial bet, and the round ends.

If you continue playing (click the Call button), you will add double your original bet.

Now it’s the dealer’s turn to show the cards to everyone.

  • If the dealer hand does not include an A / K combination or higher, the dealer does not qualify. You win 1: 1 on the original bet, and the stake is refunded.
  • If the dealer’s hand includes a higher than yours, you lose both the initial bet and the current bet.
  • If the dealer has A / K or higher, but your hand is even higher, you win 1: 1 on the original bet and add the bonus to the current bet based on the payout chart.
  • If you want to play another round, click New Game. Then place your bets as described above and click the Deal button or click Rebet to place your bet.

Similar to round, if the dealer has A / K or higher, but your hand is even higher, you win 1: 1 on your original bet and add the bonus to the current bet based on the payout chart.

If you want to play another round, click New Game. Then place your bets as described above and click the Deal button or click Rebet to place the same bet as in the previous round.

Jackpot Progressive Caribbean Stud Poker

What about progressive betting? This is the important part. Each online casino has a slightly different payout schedule for this bet, so find out before you play.

Players have the option of making an individual bet on the Progressive Jackpot offered on most Caribbean Stud tables.

The stakes are usually $ 1, and the accumulation is usually over $ 100,000. This bet is popular because of its high odds of winning, but it varies between playing regions and online casino sites.


The progressive pot gets bigger as the player places money on the option bet. So you can see the big difference in the total jackpot, the bonus for the barrel, the hand, and the quarter of the player.

All casinos pay 100% of the accumulation amount to Royal Flush and 10% of any Straight Flush. Four of a kind and Full House are also paid extra at all casinos, and many online casino sites offer extra bonus cards, such as US casinos.

If you play online, make sure you have found the best winnings on accumulative bonuses as well as the highest payout for Royal Flush.

Four of a kind bounty can be as large as $ 5000 or 5% of the accumulator column, but it can be as low as $ 500 when the bonus is paid.

When the trump card is not awarded, you can be confident that the bounty for the quarter and ticks will be much greater.

Many players only play Caribbean Stud when the jackpot is over $ 200,000 because Royal Flush’s odds of winning stakes go up to 1 to 650,000.

Odds Of Caribbean Stud Poker Online

Comparing the house odds at Wizard of Odds, Caribbean Stud Poker gives the casino a 5.22% return.

But the use of different payout rules and tables at different online casinos means all of their games have slightly different amounts in that category. The average is about 5.5%.

The dealer margins range from 5.2% to 5.5%, Caribbean Stud Poker is not a gambler’s advantage. In fact, this game offers players the same odds as betting with money on an American-style roulette wheel.


What can that number tell you about your future sessions? In this game, you gave up about 5.5% per session.

Let’s say you are playing with an ideal strategy. If you play this game with the ideal strategy at $ 1, you will have a loss of around $ 10 per hour. That number is correct for online gaming and would be much higher at an actual casino.

For whatever reason, modern gamblers still love the poker variations played on their tables. Caribbean Stud Poker is one of a series of games registered by Scientific Games that are similar to the story of Three Card Poker.

The addition of the progressive bet is a concession by the players, giving the house a 3 or 4 percent advantage.

The Basic Strategy Of Caribbean Stud Poker

The basic strategy of Caribbean Stud Poker is both simple and easy to remember and easy to execute.

Basically, this strategy includes the following 2 points:

Avoid folds

If you consider yourself a newbie to Caribbean Stud Poker, you may have some confusion when you find yourself having low denomination pairs. In fact, you will find that you will get low denomination pairs quite often.

Eventually, you will find that these low pairs will prove to be quite valuable, and you will be able to knock the dealer out of the game quite often and win the bet. Therefore, you should keep your pairs low and hope for the best.

Avoid weak hand play

Provided you have a weak hand, and you should definitely not hesitate to play.

A weak hand consists of a hand that has no Ace or a king and is not considered a Royal, Straight Hand, Quad, Full, Straight, Straight, Triple, Two Pair, Pair, or Card High.

Advanced Strategy Of Caribbean Stud Poker

The Advanced Caribbean Stud strategy is much more complex than the basic strategy.

However, if you learn to execute the basic strategy well, then you will easily be able to build on the knowledge you have acquired, and you will be able to turn the odds in your favor.

The advanced strategy includes the following points:

Call on Hands includes pairs or more

If you are dealt a hand consisting of a pair or better, you should definitely call/raise. For further subdivision, you should:

  • Call if the dealer’s hole card is 2,3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, J, Q, K, and matches one of your cards.
  • Fold if the dealer’s card is an Ace or a king, and you have a queen or a chess piece in your hand.
  • Assuming that the dealer’s rank doesn’t match any of your rankings and you have a queen in hand and the dealer’s face-up card is smaller than your fourth highest card, you should also call.

Remember that if you choose to call, you will bet with your double amount. For example, if your previous bet is $ 5 and you decide to call instead of a fold bet, your call would be $ 10. So you’ll bet a total of $ 15.

The folding hand does not cover at least one high card

Due to the fact that you will find that the dealer’s door usually qualifies 50% of the time. You should make sure your hand is strong enough to beat the dealer’s hand even if you are at least holding a high card (Ace or a King).


In short, you should only play this type if your high card matches the dealer’s hole card (the only card out of the 5 cards the dealer has dealt to himself).

Using both the basic strategy as well as the more advanced Caribbean Stud Poker strategy, the rule of thumb is to fold if luck does not belong to you, and you happen to get a hand that doesn’t rank well.

Common Mistakes That Beginners Make

One of the most common mistakes made by inexperienced Stud Caribbean poker players is to think that the low hand pairs are not worth continuing.

Just consider that an average of 46% of bookmakers are not eligible to play. The first helpful tip for Caribbean Stud Poker is that even a weak pair has a 50% chance of winning.

Another mistake is to play unless you don’t have at least one Ace / King card. This is the limit for the dealer to be eligible to join the game.

When the dealer is eligible to join the game, you will automatically lose both BET and ANTE.

In principle, just remembering two basic rules should be enough:

  • Play whenever you have at least a pair or more
  • Always fold unless you have at least an Ace / King

Where To Play Caribbean Stud Poker Online?

To play Caribbean Stud Poker online in particular and casino games in general, you should look to a reputable Malaysian online casino or famous international online casino.

You should choose top reputable bookmakers, are provided with random dealer certificates, and are always supervised by neutral organizations.

You absolutely do not play with untrustworthy casinos and show signs of defrauding players. All are programmed so that the dealer has a huge advantage, even dealing with intent, not randomly.

This will cause you to be tricked into losing money while playing this game.


To be able to choose the most reputable bookmaker, you can consult the website Betting Valley. This website specializes in providing information related to betting and online casino.

The list of bookmakers on this website are evaluated and ranked based on certain criteria, ensuring their reliability and reputation.

Therefore, you can count on the bookmakers on Betting Valley to join the Caribbean Stud Poker game.

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Final Words

So through the above article, you must also have a clear understanding of how to play Caribbean Stud Poker at the online dealer. Playing Caribbean Stud Poker in particular or gambling, in general, is largely based on luck.

However, you can also improve your odds of winning and reduce the house edge with your smart thinking and rational tactics.

We hope that, through this article, you can clearly grasp information regarding Caribbean Stud Poker.

We hope you will have the most enjoyable experience with this game.

Thanks for reading!