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Best Football Streaming Sites In Malaysia – Top 8 Picks For You!

Football is the king of sport, not only men but also women, of any age, everyone loves to watch football.

In the 4.0 era, when everyone is busy with work, watching football time is sometimes a luxury thing.

Therefore, to have the opportunity to watch the top football matches, many people have to take advantage of watching online football channels.

Watching football through online streaming websites is now too popular for those who love football. You will enjoy moments with your idols through these live matches.

In order for you not to waste time searching, we have compiled online football viewing websites so that you can use them when needed.

So, what online football channels are there?

The following list of best football streaming sites in Malaysia will help you keep track of the most exciting football matches with your favorite team.

Let’s find out together!

TOP 8 Best Football Streaming Sites In Malaysia For You!

1. Stream2Watch

Stream2watch is one of the best football streaming sites for you, where you can watch football online for free. This site is a sports live streaming website that brings together streams from many different sites.

On Stream2Watch, you can stream baseball, soccer, basketball, volleyball, basketball, and other sports you can think of.


This website has a fairly comprehensive interface. Stream2watch offers great quality and performance, but the website recommends using Google Chrome, Firefox, or Edge browsers.

However, like many sites that embed streams from outside sources, you can encounter powerful and misleading pop-up ads on Stream2Watch. The solution is to use a good ad blocker.

Besides, even with an ad blocker, you may not see the ad obstructed on some videos. So you can simply close each ad as they pop up and immediately hit the back button on your browser if the ad takes you to another page.

2. Buff Streams

BuffStreams is one of the free football streaming websites you should try out in Malaysia. If there’s a live streaming website to watch any kind of sport, including football, then BuffStreams is that.


BuffStreams prides itself on the best layout with pleasant icons for each sport. In addition to football live streaming, you’ll be able to find hockey, tennis, basketball, and even racing sports in BuffStreams.

But of course, be careful with the pop-ups and avoid downloading anything for the sake of malware while visiting this website.

3. Fox Sports

If you are someone who wants to watch live football with the most stable connection, a website that provides HD video, then Fox Sports is the best choice for you.

This is a long-established website, providing live soccer expertise in all major and small tournaments.


You can watch football competitions as attractive as the Premier League, such as the Bundesliga, AFC Champions League, Futsal, etc. or some outstanding sports such as tennis, F1 racing, golf, UFC, badminton, etc.

You can also watch dozens of other special sports programs such as the companion program with the World Cup, Euro, and sports magazines specializing in football, tennis, and golf.

Fox Sports not only provides stable football streaming, clear HD images but also provides lots of new football news and information. If you need stability, this is the site you should save in your browser.

4. Unifi TV

This website quickly and accurately updates the times and locations of football matches and seasons in Malaysia and globally.

This popular website not only improves football news, but it also measures information from various sports. For great matches that you miss, you can find them at UnifiTV and re-enjoy intense matches.


Besides, this website also distributes transfer news, good clips, and behind-the-scenes news to better understand their favorite football team and the general love of global football.

Therefore, it deserves to be the famous streaming football website in Malaysia.

5. Live Stream

Live Stream is a website that directly reports all important events in the world, not only related to sports but also full of fields such as economics, culture, politics, society, and education.

To be able to see the events that are taking place, please select Watch Events and your favorite field in the left column.


This website will continuously update the detailed soccer match schedule for all major tournaments so you can easily keep track of the matches.

However, the limitation of this website is that the video quality is only sufficient, and the language used in English, so it is quite inconvenient to listen to the match’s comments.

6. Youtube

Too popular but easy to use can only be Youtube. This video social networking site currently integrates many different applications that allow viewers to interact with football on official YouTube channels directly.


In addition to the functions of watching movies, listening to music, you can experience the latest living space in harmony with football with the prestigious Youtube quality website system.

This is one of the top quality web sites with a large resolution. Everyone can access and use it easily without any difficulties or obstacles.

You can still watch all the different football tournaments on Youtube, such as the Champion League, La Liga, Premier League, Europa League, etc. You can watch live football on both platforms of Youtube web and mobile app.

7. Fun88

Fun88 bookie is too familiar because it is at the top of the most prestigious bookmakers today. Prestigious bookmaker Fun88 is Asia’s leading company in the field of football betting and online casino.


In addition to the prestige, various types of rafters, eye-catching interface, and extremely fast withdrawal time. One factor that players choose this dealer can be viewed directly on the dealer page or on the phone application.

Fun88 allows live viewing from major football leagues such as English Premier League, Bundesliga, Serie A, La Liga, etc. to small soccer leagues, less famous football leagues are served very well by this dealer.

Fun88 cooperates with many big corporations such as One works, Entwine, Microgaming, Crown Casino, etc. Therefore, Fun88 will bring you the most modern online betting technology and best bet.

8. 12Bet

The 12Bet bookie has been operating for a long time in the Asian market in general and in Malaysia in particular.

Understanding the need for players to both watch live football and place bets right away, 12Bet soon introduced a feature that allows watching football matches directly on its app and website.


The 12Bet bookmaker is currently one of the biggest betting websites out there. Security features are put on top of 12Bet.

You do not have to be afraid of revealing your registration information as well as transacting here. The data will be completely secure.

Back to the football live view feature, in order to be able to watch football live and place bets, you must be a member of the dealer. Member registration is very simple: click the button “Play Now” and enter the registration information.

Currently, the 12Bet bookmaker has an extremely attractive promotion. Please register quickly to receive incentives.
Besides the aforementioned websites, you can also watch online football at other reputable bookmakers on the Malaysian betting market today.

For more information on these bookmakers, please click here!

Should You Bet Online When Watching Live Football?

Currently, with the explosion of information technology, online football betting is the safest and most accessible form of betting.
Just a computer or phone connected to the network can play football betting with your favorite matches.

Should you watch football online while betting on your favorite team?

Stay tuned for five benefits of online soccer betting right now. We are sure you will have the answer.

1. Play safe and secure online soccer betting

A lot of traditional football bettors have already switched to online football betting, the biggest reason being that it provides absolute safety.

When playing online, you will never be afraid of being interfered with by the authorities. All transactions and personal information when playing online football betting are on the server foreign server.

Every day, millions of people play football online and are still very safe, so most of today’s betting players are switching to the internet.

2. Play football betting anytime and anywhere

With the internet’s evolving technology today, you can play soccer betting online with just one phone. The bookmakers always have a very good support application on mobile devices. You can bet football anytime and anywhere.

The online bookmaker has hundreds of types of raffles every day for big and small matches. All football tournaments are given by the casino, such as the Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga, Serie A, etc.

When you play online betting, you are betting directly with the dealer, and you will receive the highest odds.

Unlike traditional play, you have to be deducted for football bids. That is not to mention the odds of conventional football contractors can not be as diverse and updated as the online bookmaker.

One more thing when playing online, you can bet at any time while the game is in progress. The dealer will always give you the handicap and the odds for you to choose. The game is also more convenient when playing on the electric phone.

3. Withdraw football winnings quickly

With that said, when you play online betting, you are playing with bookmakers, who are the top betting companies with strong finance. You will get your bets settled very quickly and without the dealer ripping your money.

In the Malaysian market, the bookmakers support you in depositing and withdrawing money via fast bank transfer; popular banks are supported.

Time for you to deposit and withdraw money is only 5-10 minutes. With professional bookmakers, the withdrawal time is even faster, so you can be assured of the money when playing online football betting.

4. Many promotions for players

This is the biggest advantage that traditional football bettors do not have.

The online dealer will have promotions for participants such as a bonus of 100-200% when depositing. Especially for those who are new to signing up and depositing for the first time, there are many other offers to attract the dealer players.

Not only bonus when recharging, but you also have the lucky chance to receive gratitude gifts to customers of the dealer such as iPhone, Laptop, Tablet, etc.

Because bookies are betting companies based in the country, so don’t be afraid to spend money on promotional campaigns.

5. Watch live football while playing online betting

The online casino allows us to watch football online right from its betting page, with bettors who will want to watch the match live. With that in mind, the dealer allows watching live football matches and can also place bets immediately.
Football markets are updated very quickly by the dealer, giving players plenty of options to bet. You can catch many matches at the same time, very convenient.

On the market today, many bookmakers support online football betting services. You can refer to information about football betting, football news updates as well as bookmakers at Betting Valley’s website.

Besides information related to sports, betting, and casino, this site also provides you with casino gaming entertainment, slot games, and lottery.

With a simple website interface that is easy to use, continually updating useful information every day, this website will definitely be the first choice for you.

Final Words

Currently, not everyone can buy television and subscribe to services to watch football matches in the world such as Premier League, La Liga, League 1, Serie A, etc. Some will go to cafes to enjoy, and some will review on TV.

However, the number of people who want to watch football online is always the largest. Therefore, it can be affirmed that watching football online is increasingly becoming an essential need for football fans.

Above are some of the best football streaming sites in Malaysia and internationally today.

We hope that with the websites above, you will be able to enjoy a great football viewing experience.

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