Introduction To 4D Results Malaysia and Singapore

Introduction To 4D Results Malaysia and Singapore

Introduction To 4D Results Malaysia and Singapore

One of the most popular and biggest lotteries played in countries whose citizens are passionate gamblers is the 4-Digits or 4D games. This is a type of game whereby you select 4 digits number between 0000 and 9999. With the right strategies, you can become Singapore or Malaysia biggest lottery winner. However, you will need to properly understand the game. And that’s why we compiled this 4D results Malaysia guide for you.

To play this game, participants have to buy a 4 digit number selected from 0000 to 9999. The selection of this figure is dependent on the type of 4D game you are playing.

While playing any 4-D game, you are provided with two options. The first option involves placing a bet through a system called Account Betting System. The 2nd option involves a participant purchasing a ticket at a specified outlet.

The organization or company facilitating your bet decides when the draw will take place, and when 4D results will be announced. Also, the location and procedure of how the draw will be conducted are determined by the organization.

Any participant has permission to participate in any type of 4D game by making any of these types of entry;

  • Ordinary entry
  • 4D roll entry
  • System entry
  • iBet entry

To help you understand the game better, we will discuss the general terms used in 4D games;

Bet. This is the wage made with the company by the participant.

Bet slip. This is the slip the company issues at the betting website or outlet.

Claimant. This is the person claiming the prize after following all the rules.

Winning ticket. This refers to the ticket bearing the set of numbers for a draw.

4D results. These are results released by a company of the winning set of numbers. For instance, in Malaysia, you will find /damacai-result (Damacai Result), /kuda-4d (Kuda 4D), /gd-lotto (Gd Lotto), /toto-result (Toto Result), /lotto-result (Lotto Result), or /magnum-result (Magnum 4D Results). All these are 4D results from different types of brands facilitating 4D games.

Now that you have an idea of what 4D games, let’s talk about how the game is played.

Below is how 4D Games being played in Malaysia.


How to Play 4D in Malaysia

While playing this type of game, you will need to focus on how to bet and the amount to bet on. At first, you will find it difficult to play the game, but gradually you will get used to this process.

Here is a general procedure on how to play 4D lottery Malaysia;

  1. Choose and mark the type of bet. Use a different bet slip for each wager. You don’t have to mark for the 4D Roll game or Ordinary Entry.
  2. Mark the draw dates when you intend to bet such as 5 Draws if you will stake on five successive games. This includes the present draw. Check the digits along with the Big or Small amounts
  3. Choose four digits for your Ordinary Entry.
  4. Select three digits in addition to the letter R for a 4D roll. The cost is the amount indicated and multiplied by 10.
  5. For System Entry, you need to mark four digits with the bet amount indicated and multiplied by the pattern you have made.

These are the general procedure. After completing these steps, you can finally present your slip to the counter, make the payment, and receive your ticket.

So, when is the 4D results announced in Malaysia, Singapore?

Live 4D results in Malaysia or Singapore happen every Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday. You should mark this date and timing of the draw you would like to participate in and see the result.


Types of 4D Played In Singapore and Malaysia

Just like other kinds of betting game, 4D also has a variety of betting games you can play. Below image is the 4D Prize Structure.



Here are some of the wagers every beginner needs to know;

Big Wager

A big wager means that you are betting your number will be one of the 23 numbers that will win a prize. This means that if you put your money on a big wager, you will get a chance in the event your 4D comes out in any results of the 5 prize groups.

Here are prizes you can win


Prize Number of 4-digit Prize Winning Numbers Prize Amount (for every $1 stake)
1st Prize 1 number $2,000
2nd Prize 1 number $1,000
3rd Prize 1 number $490
Starter Prizes 10 numbers $250
Consolation Prizes 10 numbers $60


Small Wager

In this type of 4D game entry, you can only win if the 4D numbers you have selected are among the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd prize numbers. The good thing about this bet is that the prize money per stake is higher than a big wager.

Prize Number of 4-digit Winning Numbers Prize Amount (for every $1 stake)
1st Prize 1 number $3,000
2nd Prize 1 number $2,000
3rd Prize 1 number $800


In both big wager and small wager bet, you can let the system randomly generate betting numbers for you in a category called QP- Quick Pick.

Ordinary Entry

In this 4D bet, you select six numbers between 1 and 49 and get to win the Jackpot, also called Group 1 Prize (TOTO). If all the numbers you have picked matches the Winning Numbers, you win the Group 1 prize. You can follow up on sports TOTO result on their website.

4D Roll

This can be done by buying the possible 10 permutations of a given 4 digit number. The number might be denoted by ABCD, BACD, BCAD, BCAD, where ABC stands for the number stipulated by the participant and D stands for the possible numbers from 0-9.

In this type, you select three digits of your choice then one rolling digit in a specific order. The rolling digit, which is designated by “R” is a number from 0 to 9.

System Entry, iBet

Here, you select four digits and place your bets on all the possible combinations of the digits. For this bet, each 4D number combination will cost you a minimum of $1.

For iBet, all the 4D number combos cost a minimum of $1. Your prize money is divided by the number of combos you have made.

That’s it! At least now you have an idea of what 4D games entails. Explore different bets until you get your favorite.




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