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What Is Keno And How To Play? Complete Instructions For You

Keno is an online game that originated in China, and when it entered Malaysia, it created a fever among the gambling world. Keno is like a lottery and Bingo, but the gameplay is simple, and the odds of winning are higher.

Keno is popular, but for newcomers, this is a very strange concept.

But how do you play Keno?

To help players understand more about this game and play more proficiently, we will share the tips of playing Keno in the article below.

Let’s find out together!

What is Keno?

Originating from China, Keno has served Chinese people’s entertainment needs for a long time until they are known to the neighboring countries and then bring Keno out of the region.

And to this day, Keno appears in most of the online betting games at the live casino.


Keno is an online betting game with a gameplay similar to the lottery or Bingo. However, the way to play Keno is often simpler because the player only needs to choose from 1 to 10 numbers from 1 to 80.

The Bingo game uses each of the 25 numbers selected individually, while the game of Keno is played using given numbers from a total of 80 numbers, 20 of which are randomly chosen by the casino.

After selecting the system, the dealer will randomly select 20 numbers in the range from 1 to 80 and then compare it with the player’s results. This is also the result of the game.

How does Keno work?

After learning what is the definition of Keno? Then you should know more about how this game works.

Today, players can choose anywhere from a single number, up to 40 numbers on a single Keno card. Keno can be played at casinos around the world, and jackpots as large as $ 250,000 can be won on 8 winning numbers.

Each game, players will mark a paper ticket with a crayon representing their bet, and the numbers they think will be drawn. After all Keno tickets are presented and paid, the game starts, and 20 numbers are drawn.


These numbers are chosen from a circular Plexiglass sphere and are seen on Keno boards throughout the casino. In some casinos, the Ping-Pong balls are also gone, replaced by computers using a random number generator.

This same computer system is used on Video Keno machines and at online casino sites. Because Keno employs a lot of labor at a casino, the payout is also set to reflect the house edge of nearly 30%.

However, Keno machines and online casinos can reduce the house odds of winning, giving players a greater chance of their money and a greater chance of winning.

Currently, Keno has an online version so you can experience this game anytime and anywhere. Online Keno will have standard Keno, and Video Keno.

In general, playing online Keno is no different from the traditional Keno we usually play.

Standard Keno is found in many online sites that are played in the same fashion as land-based casinos. Players access the Keno lounge, choose as many numbers as they want, and pay for the ticket.

After that, the Keno game starts, and numbers are recorded for all players on the website. If you want to play multiple tickets per game, you can, but you’ll have to wait until each game is called to mark your new tickets.

This type of game will usually have a combined winnings, meaning the website will pay a maximum amount to all players, possibly $50,000, regardless of how many winners.

Detailed instructions on how to play Keno

Playing Keno is very simple. You just need to pick a few numbers, pay for your ticket, and wait to see if you win.

However, because there are 80 numbers to choose from, and there are thousands of ways to play, every Keno player is different.

A number decides on a specific amount of money they want to win, and then selects the number of losses to win that amount.

Choosing a single number (a one-hole ticket) usually wins 1 to 2. If you choose 3 holes, you will recover your money when two of your numbers appear and win $ 42 if all three numbers are drawn.

Of course, the more winning numbers, the higher the winnings.

Do you want more winnings? Let’s play more numbers! Playing an eight-hole ticket and winning all numbers can pay off as big as $ 10,000.

You can even play every eight possible holes in a single game by playing what is called a 190-way 8-hole.

You can usually play single games for as little as $ 1, and play as small as 10 cents for each line. That means a 190-way ticket can be played for as little as 19 $.

Winning an eight-hole 10-cent can win $ 1000, but it’s understandable that a generous online casino will have a much higher payout. This could even go up to $ 2000 for the same tickets as those found at a land-based casino!

Popular Bets in Keno

Keno has attracted a lot of attention from professional gamblers because of its simple gameplay and high winning rate. Each game, players will choose for themselves 1 to 10 numbers in the range of 1 to 80.

After the player has chosen the desired number and progresses the bet, the dealer will spin and randomly select 20 numbers in the range 1-80.


Players will compare the numbers they have wagered with the dealer numbers to determine winning or losing.

There are many ways to place bets when playing online Keno at bookmakers, but some of them must be carefully remembered.

Over / Under Door

When betting on over/under players, compare the total score of 20 random numbers selected by the system. A total of 810 is considered the boundary to delimit wealth and fainting.

Over is when the total score of the 20 numbers in the system is greater than 810, and vice versa is less than 810. If the player wins the bet, the bet is 1.95 times.

Example: If a player bets over $ 1 and the result 20 numbers is greater than 810, then wins the bet, and the amount is $ 1.95.

Even / Odd Door

If the over / under bet on the player will be based on the total score of the 20 numbers, then the player parity bet is also based on the sum of the 20 numbers that the system has selected.

However, when betting on an odd or even hand, the player only needs to care if the total is even or odd. If the bet wins, the player also gets 1.95 of the original bet amount.

Cross betting

Cross betting is a combination of the over / under and odd / even bets. To win in this case, the total score of 20 when the dealer spins must satisfy 1 of the following four conditions:

  • Big Odd: In order to win this door, the player who bets the door must satisfy the condition that it has a total of 20 numbers greater than 810 and is in odd points. If you win the odd bet, the player will get 3.7 times the stakes.
  • Big Even: Player bet with a total of 20 numbers gre0ater than 810 and on an even point. If they win, the player will also get a 3.7 times the amount.
  • Small Odd: Contrary to the odd’s, this door must have a total of 20 numbers less than 810 and under the odd point to win the bet, and the amount of the bet is 3.7 times the original amount.
  • Small Even: When wagering on this hand, the total score must be less than 810 even to win, and the odds are similar to other bets that the player is 3.7 times the original bet.


In the event of the sum of all 20 numbers totaling 810, the player who bets on any door will be refunded the original bet amount by the system. This is considered a tie between the dealer and the bettor.

If a player has made multiple bets with the same game, the system will automatically cancel the bet and refund the amount to the player’s account.

Five Elements Bets

Five Elements, also known as range bet, is that the player will predict the total result in some range. Currently, the house is divided into five areas, including Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, and Earth. Each operator has a different range and odds of money stakes.

The five ranges players can bet include:

  • Metal: from 210-695. If the player wins on this hand, the player will win 9.2 times the original bet amount.
  • Wood: from 696-763. Due to the higher probability that the Keno will return within the action range, the odds are lower than the action range. Accordingly, if the bet wins, the player will get the original 4.6 times. Although lower than the coin but the odds are also considered high.
  • Water: from 764-855. This door has the highest probability of winning the bet. So the odds of winning are also the lowest, and usually, the player gets only 2.3 of the initial bet.
  • Fire: from 856-923. If the sum of the 20 numbers falls within the range of the Fire, the player will get 4.6 times the original bet.
  • Earth: from 924-1410. The probability of Keno on this action is not high, so if you win the bet, the player will get a very large amount of 9.2 times the first amount.


Pearl Ball Bet

In the Pearl Ball bet, players will be betting from 1-5 numbers ranging from 1 to 80:

  • If the player selects 5 numbers and wins all 5 numbers, it will be 251 times the original bet amount, winning 4 numbers will get 21 times the bet amount.
  • If the 3 numbers win, 3 times the original amount. If the winning number is 0-1-2, the player loses and loses the bet amount.
  • If the player chooses 4 numbers and all 4 numbers are correct, he will get 51 times the bet amount, win 3 numbers, get 6 times of the bet, and win 2 numbers and then get 2 times the bet.
  • If the wrong number is not correct or the correct number is correct, you will lose and lose the entire bet amount to the dealer.
  • In case of wagering on 3 numbers and all 3 numbers, it will get 20.3 times the original bet, correct 2 numbers, and get 2.3 times of the bet. Only the correct number or the wrong number, the player will lose the bet.
  • In case of betting 2 numbers and exactly both, the player will get a bonus of 10.3 times. The remaining cases are considered losing bets.
  • In case of choosing 1 number that is correct, it will be 3.3 times of the original bet amount.
  • Bet on frequency

In Keno, players will easily see the Frequence box, which is the frequency betting item. With this bet, the player will randomly predict the odds will be in 10 numbers and 8 rows.

In this game, the player can bet 8 times corresponding to 8 rows. There are 4 doors for players to place and the winning rate is according to the following rules:

  • If set frequency 0 and 20 random numbers do not return to any number in that row, the player will get 15 times the original bet amount.
  • If the bet is on 1st hand and is correct, it will be 5 times the bet amount.
  • If the player bets 2-3, they will get 1.6 times the original amount
  • Place a 4+ bet where the random number is greater than or equal to 4 numbers. The player wins and gets 4 times the original amount.

Tips for playing Keno to exchange for money at an online casino

Choose the right playing method

In the Keno game rules, players are allowed to choose 10 numbers from 1 to 80, so we recommend picking as many numbers as possible.

It is imperative that you use the strategies or remember the play methods that you normally use when playing at a certain house to increase your chances of winning.


Keno has quite simple rules but has a high chance of winning. Not only that, but this game is also attractive in that it does not comply with any strict requirements, so players are often easier to win.

Just choose the right method, quick thinking, and a little luck to be able to spend a large amount of money when playing online Keno.

Be assertive when playing Keno

To win in any game or any job, players also need to be assertive. Keno is no exception. Therefore, be very assertive when choosing numbers and placing bets.

The players’ always winning experience is that the player needs to choose at least 4 numbers out of 10 numbers. The more numbers, the higher the chance of winning.

Dimensions in the Keno pay table

The most bloody experience of Keno players is to bet based on the size of the screen and the number of hits on your bet slip.

When placing a bet on Keno, the system will pay out the prize on the scale that the player has bet before and wins the number of bets placed.

The winning amount will be automatically deposited into your account, and you can proceed with your withdrawal or play bet at any time.

Choose a reputable dealer

This is extremely important when playing real money betting. If you lack knowledge and unfortunately choose to have an unreliable dealer, your money will be lost.

You should choose the bookmakers that operate under the management of the state and are licensed to operate, keep the player information secure. Then, you can eliminate legal worries about gambling.

Where to play Keno?

Before a series of online Keno players today, it is essential to choose a reputable place to bet. The quality bookmaker must have a transparent scoring and draw process.

At the same time, these bookmakers must have quick payback transactions, ensuring the player’s personal information, etc.

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The reason is because these bookmakers have a long history of operation, prestige, and quality than the bookmakers have not been licensed to operate.

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Final Words

In short, Keno is a fairly simple game, easy to play, but also requires a bit of good judgment to win. Therefore, train yourself with good skills and regularly exchange with people to bring yourself great gifts.

We hope that this article can help newcomers understand Keno better as well as valuable experience in playing this game.

Wish you all win while playing.

Thanks for reading!