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E-Wallet & Online Casinos in Malaysia


With the increasing number of punters wagering money through online casino platforms, the need for safety and convenience in online payment has become crucial. Expediency in online fiscal transactions always confers gamers with better probabilities. 

And, this requirement of mediums for better and safer online payment methods created the foundation of an e-wallet industry. And in turn, it initiated the thrive of online casino gambling in Malaysia.

Is joining an online casino always been one of your desires? Have you heard the term “e-wallet casino“? If not, don’t miss even a single line of this guide, since here, we will enlighten you on everything you need to know about online e-wallet casinos and why they are proficient in quenching your gambling thirst. 

Easy Payment Means Exciting Gambling Hours

An e-wallet casino is an online gambling platform that presents several e-wallet options for letting you deposit and withdraw money from your account comfortably and safely. The presence of multiple e-wallet options is a satisfaction for gamblers as it keeps you from getting stressed about issues like complications in payment processes, prolonged processing time, and more.

An e-wallet casino comprises a software component to store players’ information on the centralized server, alongside keeping it safe and only to it with proper SSL encryption. And indeed, such online gambling platforms receive players legitimately, being regulated by the popular gambling authorities like MGA, UKGC, and more.

Thus, you can devote your sessions entirely to playing games and devising effective strategies for making your winnings sack heftier. Besides, such casinos have become quite popular among punters from the land because of exciting e-wallet casino Malaysia’s free credit offers.  

Renowned eWallets You Can Choose Transacting With 

A proficient online casino would always keep the e-wallet options most players love using. And, observing this endeavor of bringing the highest possible expediency to players, we have accumulated a few e-wallet names present in most online casinos. And, you should be informed about them.

  • Neteller: Neteller is topping the list because of its presence in 80% of the online casinos across the globe. The company was established in 1999, positioning its head office in Canada. However, it changed its base to the Isle of Man, Canada later.
  • Ecopayz: Regardless of where you live, maybe it’s Malaysia or any other portion of the world, you might have already heard about Ecopayz. The company arrived in 2000. And, if you locate this payment option on any casino’s banker’s page, be assured that your every deposit and withdrawals would be safe and rapid with it.
  • Skrill: Skrill would be a fine example of the global popularity of e-wallets. Because, even after appearing in the industry in 2001, the company has observed enough thrive to serve across 200 countries, dealing with 40 different currencies. 

Why Opting for eWallet Casinos is Advantageous?

  • Convenient Setup: Setting up e-wallets is extremely easy. Linking your bank account with the e-wallet you use can be done within a 1-2 steps process. You can also transfer your funds to other wallets from one. Besides, many are offering the ability to transfer funds directly to your bank account.
  • E-wallet Centric Bonuses: When it comes to enjoying online gambling with e-wallets, not only safety and convenience approach as advantages, profitability also comes to play. Many online gambling platforms offer e-wallet centric bonuses and promotional offers you can gain using that particular wallet option. Free spins or loss rebates are only a few names of such offers that players receive. Many sites also offer e-wallet casino Malaysia free creditto punters.
  • Processing Within a Blink of Eye: While online payment methods like bank wire transfers surround extensive hours of processing time, e-wallet transfers are both fast and steady. Hence, there’s no need to spend long hours waiting to witness your deposited amount getting reflected in your account. And, no chance of missing the tournament you wanted to join because of latency in payment processing. 

How to Open an eWallet Account?

eWallet casino Malaysia free credit can be obtained only if you have an e-wallet account, right? You can link multiple cards with a single account. And, while depositing or withdrawing, the amount can be transferred to and from any of them. Creating such an account is relatively easy, and all the necessary steps of doing it are mentioned below. 

  • Download the e-wallet app of your preference from the app store and install it on your mobile phone.
  • Open the app, and it will ask you to sign in with them
  • Clicking on that option, you will be redirected to the sign-in form where you would have to enter the necessary information (example: name, bank name, and bank ac number).
  • Then, the e-wallet operation team will verify the information provided to activate your account.
  • After the verification, you are all set to make deposits
  • Upon selecting the e-wallet from the banker page of your casino, your information will be updated automatically
  • Now, you can make payments by entering your password

Mentionable Facts about eWallet Casinos

Although the charges associated with the usage of e-wallets depend on the platform provider you have opted for, you need to be acquainted with all the segments where an e-wallet casino can ask for a fee.

Majority of online casinos that keep trust in boosting their users’ gaming ventures with bonuses like eWallet casino Malaysia free credit don’t charge fees on deposits. However, while withdrawing your winnings, a small amount of fee can be deducted from your winnings before withdrawals. 

Another occasion where you can incur small fees is during converting currencies. As a casino can’t receive every currency of the world, if you have approached a casino site with a currency it doesn’t support, you might come across currency exchange charges. Even in that case, the extra costs can never exceed 3% to 5%. 

Hence, it’s always advised not to register in an online casino without evaluating its services, offered bonuses, availability of e-wallet options, and charges the casino can lay before players.