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Detailed Instructions On How To Play Sicbo For You

In almost all the bookmakers from Asia to Europe, the name Sicbo is no stranger. Playing this game brings a very high chance of making money, but not everyone understands what Sicbo is and how to play effectively.

Join us to learn effective Sicbo tricks and tips to always win.

What Is Sicbo?

Before taking part in online betting or stepping into real-world casinos, we must thoroughly understand the games.

Put simply, Sicbo is a form of dice game. In fact, Sicbo is another name for the game of Sic Bo, which we often play. People often use 3 dice, each with 6 faces corresponding to the numbers from 1 to 6 to play Sicbo online.


This game originated in China from a long time ago, but the casino has a few changes when it comes to online betting.

The way to join Sicbo on mobile and at casinos is similar, only with different odds and some rules depending on the house.

What Is Sicbo Rules?

Although the same way of betting, Sicbo’s rules are very simple. If you have a lot of chances to win, Sicbo is very popular in the Malaysian market in particular and in major casinos in the world than other games.

Not only because of the high win rate, but also because this is one of the easiest games to play in red and black, and does not require any strategy or skill.

Along with that are a lot of impressive experiences when players participate.

Basically, to play Sicbo, we will be relying on three dice.

These dice are square, consisting of 6 faces, and the faces are marked from 1 to 6, each symbolic value with a dot rather than a regular number. These three dice are shuffled by shaking.


Then pour it out until all three pieces are on the table. At this time, people count the 3 face-up scores and add them together to get the final result.

Players will have to place their bets before the dice are open. If you book later, the result will not be accepted. The betting options in traditional Sicbo are quite small, usually only for betting on Big and Small.

But the Sicbo in the bookmaker or the casino is different. Players have more diverse options. Each bet type has a different payout ratio.

Common Terms Used In Sicbo

When understanding the rules of Sicbo, we need to understand commonly used terms. They are constantly used by the dealer or the player themselves, and you cannot definitely bet.

  • Dice: The design consists of a cube, with 6 faces, each marked with values ​​from 1 to 6 equivalent to small circular dots.
  • Big: This is how you call the result when the total score of three dice is between 11 and 17. The winner is only paid once.
  • Small: This is how you call the result when the sum of the three dice points is between 04 and 10. The winner is only paid once.
  • Strong Bet: A term used when you are betting all three dice with the same value. For example, all 3 dice are worth 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6. Because the probability of winning the lottery is very low, the payout is usually higher, up to 30 times.
  • Triple bet: This is a bet that requires more technique and accuracy than a lottery. Because the player must come up with the exact value that the three dice will return. The payout is 180 times higher than your bet.
  • Double bet: You bet if a certain duo will appear. The payout ratio is from 10 to 11 times.
  • Domino: You must indicate which particular pair of numbers comes up while rolling the dice. Payout ratio of 1 to 6.
  • Total bet: A bet in which a player must predict exactly what the total number of three dice points will be. The payout rate changes flexibly according to the point level.
  • One number: You predict a value and see if the value will appear while rolling three dice. The payout ratio will depend on the number of times the value appears.

In fact, the rules of the Sicbo game are quite simple, so we just need to follow them once or twice to understand them immediately.


Besides, if you want to play Sicbo effectively, you need time to experience the practice and learn from experience. Over time, your judgment and betting options become more and more accurate.

Types Of Bets In Sicbo

An important part of how to play Sicbo is to understand the bet types in this game.

The basic rule of Sicbo is that you will predict the outcome of rolling three dice. However, you can bet the outcome of the roll of the dice using different bet types.

Big, Small

Betting on Big or Small is the simplest and most common bet in Sicbo.

  • The over wins if the total score of 3 dice is 11–17 points.
  • Under wins if the total score of 3 dice is 4–10 points.

The payout for Big/Small is 1: 1. That means you bet $ 1. You will win $ 1. The probability of Big or Small is close to 50%, similar to the Red/Black bet in Roulette.

Therefore, this is a low-risk bet when playing Sicbo.

Note, the Over and Under will both lose if three dice have the same score (set of 3).


You bet there will be two dice with a specific score. You can choose one or more pairs from pair 1 to pair 6.

The payout for the double bet is 1:10.

Example: You put $ 1 on pair 2. The result of rolling a dice is 2, 6, 2. You win $ 10.


As the name implies, triple bet is that you bet 3 dice will have the same score.

There are two types of triple bet:

  • Bet on a specific trio of sets 1 to 6. Payout 1: 180.
  • Betting on any one of any triple. The payout ratio is 30: 1.


You can bet on the total score of the 3 dice. There are boxes from 4 to 17 for you to bet.

The payout ratio of each total box is different and clearly indicated under each box.

For example:

If the total bet is 4, then 1 to 60. And if the total bet is 5, then 1 to 30, etc.


You bet on a pair of two numbers that will come out when rolling three dice.

There are 15 number pairs for you to bet. For example, you can choose 3 and 4, 2 and 5, or 2 and 6, etc. The payout ratio for pair bets is 5: 1.

One Number

In the end, you can bet the three dice will have a specific number.

You can choose numbers from 1 to 6. If any of the dice has a score of your choice, you win.

The payout rate depends on the number of numbers you choose. If you come out on a pill, you get 1: 1. If there are more than two tablets, you will be paid 2: 1. If all three dice come up with your chosen number, you get paid 3: 1.

The final ratio seems to be far from the 3 set doors (1 to 180). But it is this difference that makes Sicbo very attractive.

Useful Strategies When Playing Sicbo

If you are looking to win Sicbo bonuses among online bookmakers, do not ignore the tips below.

Although you know, this game is red and black, luck, but if you have calculations and experience, your chances of winning will be much higher.

Smart when choosing the dealer

As a multiplayer betting player, you probably all know how many bookmakers there are on the market. All bookmakers are introduced, advertised with a high degree of prestige, easy to win bets.

However, crept through it, there are still a number of fake bookmakers or operate without a license. This is the reason that many players deposit a lot of money but have not once won at the house.


Not to mention that many players mistakenly click on the fake link, so they are blocked from depositing, receiving a virtual account, or winning bets but cannot withdraw money. In this case, many customers have encountered it.

Choose for yourself a dealer that has many participants, which are trusted. You should refer to the forums, evaluation website, and the shares of those who have participated in choosing a reliable site.

Operators with a long history will usually need a license to operate. If you do not feel confident enough, you should not play, avoid changing the betting result.

Beginners should set the door easily

For veteran Sicbo players they have the skill and intuition to place bets with high odds of winning. But we must understand that the door with a high payout means a very low probability of winning.

With skills, it is possible to accurately predict. Put a little money but get a lot of bonuses; everyone wants it. However, for beginners to be cautious, it is best to place gates that have a high chance of winning.

One of the bloody tips that many brothers draw out is not to be greedy to bet all your money on one game. You must know how to manage your cash flow properly, divide it into small amounts to place your bets evenly.

So if there is a loss, the loss will not be too large.

Over and under are the two doors with the most people placing the bet, the odds of winning are 50:50. However, the bonus is less but more sure. In addition, you have more opportunities to learn and practice your judgment.

Do not place doors with overlapping proportions

The advice for those who are looking to learn how to play Sicbo is not to bet on the same style or the same door multiple times. For example, when you play a total bet, you shouldn’t bet 7 to 14 and 8 to 13 at the same time.

Instead, you split the money evenly to place additional bets, such as a pair bet or an over bet. Thus, the chances of eating money will be higher; the bonus value is also large, minimizing the risk.

Limit doors with high bonus rates

Contrary to the Big and Small with a low bonus, there is also a door that accepts to pay you a bonus many times higher than the amount you bet. For example, such as a triple bet, the payout goes up to 180 times.


It is true that the amount of money is very high, and when you win, the profits can not be counted. However, there must be a reason for it that the dealer will accept to pay you such a large amount.

Wager on such doors is difficult, like a triplet where you have to correctly predict the sides of the dice and what value to return.

Just guessing when the three dice have the same value is hard, let alone knowing them for sure about 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6.

Don’t let the strategy force you

As mentioned, to play Sicbo to win, you must-have strategy, you must know how to calculate. But that doesn’t mean you let the tactics overwhelm you.

If you have outlined for yourself a certain plan, you are pursuing a strategy. You need to know how to combine with your feelings.

Sometimes, intuition tells you exactly what to do, but because you are so dependent on tactics, you lose opportunities for yourself.

Playing Sicbo or any online gambling game requires both skill and luck. Players who know how to take advantage of both of these have a high chance of winning.

And if you don’t know how overusing something too much is counterproductive.

Technique for betting on one-way Over or Under

One more skill to play Sicbo that not everyone knows is following a single Over or Under.

This technique is often used by beginners and has been successful many times. This means you are betting on either the Big or the Under.

The first time you place, maybe you lose, you continue to put that door. If you follow, you must follow until you win.

It is impossible for the house to keep giving the opposite result repeatedly. If that is the case, then there is a high chance that you have chosen the wrong dealer. You and other players are being deceived by certain tricks or tricks.

Observe the other players

Observe carefully when entering Sicbo tables. Not just by observing the rules of the game, the gates set. You also need to observe the player next to you.

Look at who is the winning streak, and you bet on that person. The fact that people win continuously is not coincidental, but because that person is lucky or they know how to calculate and reason well.


Just follow them, and your chances of winning will be higher.

At the same time, during that observation process, you have learned many good skills. Several times like this, you will be in control of your own betting process.

Know when the stop

One of the most serious mistakes made by gamblers in general and Sicbo in particular, is greed. You win the bet continuously, the more you bet, and you get swept up in that vortex.

Of course, you are on the winning streak, you should continue to bet, but when the luck is gone, stop. Do not want to remove the antlers, want to find the moment of winning the series as before, but bet regardless.

That only causes you to lose money, lose all your profits and your capital. Please stop while maintaining your account.

Where To Play Sicbo?

Currently, with the development of information technology, you should play Sicbo in online casinos.

Just a phone or laptop connected to the internet, you can easily download the application and play Sicbo at home without having to go anywhere.

On the market today, there are many bookmakers for you to experience. To choose the most reputable casino, you should consult the information from the website Betting Valley.

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Final Words

Above are all the information about Sicbo methods, how to play, and some effective tips that we want to share with the readers.

Hopefully, through this article, everyone can satisfy their passion for the Sicbo game and bring many chances to win for themselves.

Thanks for reading!