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Ultimate Guide To Play Three Card Poker For Beginners

Three Card Poker is a relatively new genre of Poker to many people. However, it has been very popular in Western countries and America.

It is based on the regular 5-card poker genre playing principle, but the gameplay is much simpler and offers a lot of new experiences and excitement to first-time players.

Check out this detailed Three Card Poker guide to learn how to play!

What is Three Card Poker?

Three Card Poker has the same gameplay and rules as 5-card Poker, the regular 5-card poker you would normally play at online bookmakers.

However, playing Three Card Poker is much simpler and brings a lot of interesting experience for players.

Three Card Poker also uses a 52-card West card (except for the Joker card), which will be shuffled after each game. Straight (3 consecutive cards) is greater than Flush.


The order from big to small of the cards is specified as follows: A, K, Q, J, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3 and 2. The cigar may have the highest value in Straight A, K, Q, or the lowest value in Straight 3, 2, A.

In playing Three Card Poker, the player must have enough money to use in the Ante step and Play wager.

Example: A player wagering a $ 1 bet must have at least $ 2 in his account so that the player can place the play wager when he identifies that game, the dealer can win and wants to continue the game.

The purpose of Three Card Poker is that the player will use their three cards to beat the dealer. The dealer and the player will be dealt three cards each, then compare points like regular Poker to split win or defeat.

History of Three Card Poker

Three Card Poker is one of the most popular table card games of all time.

It is easy to learn and play, and it was invented by inventor Derek Webb in the early 1990s when he first invented the game. Webb is a poker player who wants to create a poker-style table game against blackjack.

His idea was to design a game that played out fast, like any other table game, but also had a big win. In 1994, he introduced the game at Grand Casino Gulfport in Mississippi, and now it is played in casinos all over the world.

What’s more, this game is very popular at online casinos because the house’s odds are quite low, a game pays around 1 to 50 for Straight Flush Mini (Mini-Royal) and 1 to 50 for Straight Flush.

Shuffle Entertainment currently owns this game with more than 1700 tables in casinos. There are also video game machines for this game.

What Are The Three Card Poker Rules ?

According to the rule of 3 cards, when there are 2 to 5 players, the table starts. Each player will be called a “hand”. These hands will receive 3 cards, dealt in turn.

If playing in the traditional way, the winner will be dealt the cards first and on the day of sitting next to the right hand.


Currently, in the online 3-card game, the system will automatically distribute the cards to the children at the same time.

This game uses a standard 52-card deck and wins and loses by calculating points. The player will add up their 3 cards to calculate the score and whoever has the highest score wins.

However, not only the player’s points are considered, but the bonus is also considered in the third 3 online handouts of the betting method of the hands.

Each person will have equal rights to choose, and they determine the outcome of the game.

Let’s find out about these right in the next section!

The Rights We Can Use In Each Round

The rights we can use in each betting round when playing are as follows:


If you feel that your hand is not strong enough to win, you should choose this option.

When you select Fold and accept to stop and lose, you will only lose the amount previously wagered and do not need to add bets in the next round.


You can only use this option if there has been no bet or Raise before.

Choosing this Check means you give up the action to the next person, and you don’t need to place money or make any other decisions.


When someone has bet before, and you feel your three hand Poker is strong enough to follow, choose Call. You agree to pay the same amount of wager as the player previously placed to continue the game by choosing this option.

Each person can only call up to 20 times. If, after reaching this raise, a winner is not found, everyone will turn the cards to calculate and determine the score.

Auto – Call

This is the automatic Call mode when you play three cards online. You can turn off automatic mode by clicking this button again.


This command means you continue the game but raise the bet.

If everyone else goes on around, it is necessary to pay the lowest bet equal to the bet you just made.

The following player can also choose raise to increase his stake more than the amount you raised.

If you play online, the system will give you many options to bet.

Bet Positions In Three Card Poker

Ante Position

This is a pretty special place. At the start of betting, you will have to wager a certain number of points with a minimum of 10 points up to a maximum of 5000 points for this Ante position.

After that, the dealer gives out the cards. It can be said that Ante’s activity is a blind spot.


If you do not have any information about the number of cards or the dealer’s score and have boldly bet 5000 points, you prove to the world that you do not have the right hand.

There are three small positions, which are 3, 2, 1, giving you 3 Ante positions to place. Three these positions operate independently of each other, so the maximum for this position in a bet is 15,000 points.

Number 2 Bet Position: Pair Or Above

This is a betting position that is independent of dealing. You will place to predict your hand, in the three cards issued, containing Pair or stronger cards in the following order: Pair – Flush – Straight – Three of a kind – Straight Flush.

As long as three cards from the hand you choose (1, 2, or 3) contain three cards forming Pair or Flush, Straight, Three of a kind, or Straight Flush, you will win your bet on this bet.

It can be said that this is an independent position because you do not need to open the dealer’s card to still be able to determine if you win or lose this game.

There are 3 or more Pair positions, the maximum for a game is 5000 bet points. In total, you will have to spend 15,000 points for a game. If you win, of course, you will eat 15,000 points and vice versa.

Combining 6 positions, you can set the play wagers up to 30,000 points for Ante and Pair or above.

When you have finished placing these 2-way bets, you will wait for the computer to play. After showing your cards and seeing your cards, you have the right to make further bets. This is where position 3 comes in.

Extra Betting Positions

After handing out three cards to both the Con and the dealer, the Extra bet position will now light up, indicating that you can bet a second time.

The 2nd bet is up to the 1st. If no bet is okay, only 10 seconds will let you predict if the house hand is strong enough. If the player can win, you can bet extra to get the most points you can get.

After 10 seconds of extra betting, the dealer will now turn over all cards. Winning or losing will be decided in a split second.

The dealer will take turns playing cards in a trading style with 3 players.

Of course, before betting, the dealer needs to meet the additional requirement that the dealer’s three cards must have at least one Q or more card (Flush, Pair, or Straight, etc.).

How To Calculate The Score Of 3 Card Poker Game

Basically, playing three cards is a form of comparing players’ points to determine whether to win or lose. That is why the scoring rule in this card game is also quite strict.

You need to understand the following rules of card comparison to be active in your games. Below is the order of the decks, arranged from low to high:

  • Hight card: Cards of the same suit, cards of the same suit.
  • Pair: A deck of cards consisting of 2 cards of the same value.
  • Straight: Consists of 3 cards forming a consecutive sequence without needing the same color.
  • Golden Flower: A deck of cards of the same suit.
  • Straight Flush: This is three cards of the same suit and forming a consecutive sequence.
  • Leopard: Three cards A.

By convention, the points of the cards:

  • A = 1 point.
  • Number Cards = the same score indicated on the card.
  • The order of cards from strong to weak is A, K, Q, J, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2.
  • If the cards have the same deck or score, the card’s suit will be considered. According to the law, the order from high to low is Spade – Heart  Club – Diamond.

Based on the above scoring rules, you will know your exact score and each game’s rank.

With the online 3-card game, the system will automatically calculate the score for the player very accurately. So even if you do not remember all the scoring rules, it will not affect the payout of the house much.

Instructions On How To Play The Three Card Poker Game

Step 1

First, similar to playing Poker Online, you are going to place a bet (Ante). You will have 2 selections at this time, either a Pair Plus bet or a 6 Card Bonus bet.

The player will decide based on his tactics and decide whether to follow the other options or not?

Step 2

Dealer deals 3 cards to players. The remaining hand is the player whose hand is turned face-up. The dealer will have 3 cards turned face down. Players have 2 options as follows:

  • If you feel confident enough and give 3 big cards, choose Play to continue playing. The dealer will face up their hand and compare the cards with the hand of the player.
  • If you feel not confident enough, easy to lose, and there are 3 small cards, then Fold. On the player’s side will lose the Ante bet.

Note: The dealer must have a Q or the higher (qualified) card of the 3 cards. The dealer has a hand smaller than Q.

The Play wager will be refunded, and the wager will win 1: 1. The dealer that qualifies, the dealer and the player hand will compare the 3 cards. Whoever is higher wins that bet.


Step 3

Match cards and pay rewards to players.

  • On the player side whose hand is bigger than the dealer, the Play wager and the Place Bet will be eaten at 1:1 ratio.
  • The dealer whose hand is bigger than the player will lose all your Play wager and Ante place bet.
  • If the dealer and player are tied, the hand’s wager is refunded.
  • Player Play wager and has 3 cards Straight Flush, Three kind of card, Straight, then you will win the bet. If the dealer wins this game, you will still win the bet.
  • Players who bet Pair win when your hand has 1 Pair or higher hand. The payout will be according to the rate offered by the dealer. The larger the hand, the higher the payout will be.
  • Player wagering the 6 Card Bonus wins when his 3 cards are combined with the dealer’s 3 cards. This makes for the strongest 5-Card Poker hand and has at least the Triple Card hand.
  • The player and dealer hand of the same type, whoever has the higher hand wins. Example: 3 K cards are stronger than 3 Q cards, 3 J cards; or Straight Q, J, 10 will be stronger than Straight 10, 9, 8.
  • If the player and dealer hand are equal, the biggest card is compared to see who wins.

Payout Ratio Of 3 Cards Game

Currently, all 3-card redemption games use the best way to eat all. This means that the winning hand will eat all the bets of the remaining hands.

The system/dealer usually subtracts 5% of the winner’s total amount at that table. It is money to maintain the online system and create online tables for you to play and try your luck.

If compared to the amount of winnings received, this ratio is not significant, right?

The current bets of the online bookmakers are also quite diverse. The minimum is one bet and can Raise all available money.

Depending on the dealer, the convertible value of this bet is different. You should learn these rules before you start placing your bets for the best possible game.

Experience Effective Three Card Poker

Unlike other card games, Poker requires skill and a good strategy to win. Therefore, many online bookmakers love the Poker game in huge game treasure.

In addition to the element of luck, players need to know how to effectively play Three Card Poker. Immediately pocket the following experiences, you will make your opponent lose the ambition.

Do not play three card poker when your mood is in turmoil

Besides the importance of skill, mentality is also the leading factor affecting the Three Card Poker game.


You should not play Poker when you are in a bad mood, in turmoil, or in a hurry. Only when mentality is stable can you research, judge, and make the most accurate move.

The secret to playing Three Card Poker is sure to win

Another good reason to consider the psychological factor is that Poker is a game with no betting limits. You just need to fall asleep in victory, just keep splashing your money, and you will be empty-handed in front of the dealer.

Even if you are in a bad mood or getting too excited, you shouldn’t be playing 3 Card Poker betting. Keep a cool head to enter the game well!

Observe your opponent’s path carefully while playing

Whether you are a connoisseur or an avid gamer, you need this Three Card Poker trick. Spend a lot of time and focus on observing and grasping the opponent’s gameplay.

Knowing your opponent’s habits will help you get the best possible path in the next few bets.

Plan a time to act

The secret to playing Three Card Poker confuses your opponent is planning a time of action. Betting too fast will easily reveal that you are a hasty player.

Besides, you will easily be guessed by players and reveal how to play. This can cause you to lose at any time. Therefore, each of your actions needs a time schedule.

You have to think carefully before you can stand firm and not reveal the cards to the skilled, big competitors.

Consider a reasonable bet

Some argue that the Three Card Poker game is just a game of chance. But in reality, with a little skill, you can reap the bonuses of this game.

Accordingly, the investment of time to research how to play 3 card Poker and play tricks to win high is always interested in red and black believers. One thing that the dealers of the house need to keep in mind is to consider the right bet.

Absolutely do not spend money to bet a game, but divide it into several parts. If not, you may be empty-handed, and there is no way back.

Don’t let the stakes help your opponent to guess your hand

Longtime pro players can be observant and guess your hand from the money you bet. Most of the mentality of a beginner or novice often bet money according to the cards’ strengths and weaknesses.

Many players who find strong cards spend a lot of money on the bet. On the contrary, when seeing the weak hand, the player bets with a modest amount.

The best way is to weigh your stake so that you don’t get the opponent’s guess.

Where To Play Three Card Poker?

Currently, many online casinos are offering this game for you to experience. You just need to choose a reputable dealer and register for an account to be able to play this game.

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Final Words

Unlike the card games at Online casinos, the Poker game requires players to think well and have a lot of tricks to win.

Hopefully, this Three Card Poker tutorial above can help you to better understand how to play Three Card Poker. As you saw in the card combinations above, there are plenty of chances to win in this game.

What are you waiting for without quickly finding the most reputable casino to start betting?

Wish you have fun and bring big wins, do not forget to visit Betting Valley’s website to update the latest news on betting.

Thanks for your reading!