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Top 5 Video Poker Website In Malaysia 2021

Video poker is a very popular casino game. With today’s technology, you can play video poker anywhere and anytime. This game has many genres and many types of prizes, depending on your preferences.

In essence, this game is a mix of slot and poker Texas Holdem. It requires some strategy and skill to win, besides luck.

So, what is video poker in detail? And on which websites should you play video poker?

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What is a Video Poker Game?

If you are an enthusiast of playing casino games, surely you cannot help but know Poker. A game card is played with a 52-card deck, and victory or loss is entirely based on the value of the 5 cards they form.

The dealer will pay higher money if the value of the hand is greater. The largest is the Royal Flush, and the lowest payout is to have at least Jacks or Better.


If the hand has only one pair or there are no cards, the player will lose the bet.

Video poker can be said to be a subtle combination of both slots and 5 card poker because it is a type of Poker played mainly on slot machines, and it takes advantage of these machines.

In video poker, players choose the cards to swap with in order to have their best last 5 cards in hand. If you know card rank in Texas Hold ’em Poker, this will greatly help.

You can play video poker to learn how to play and practice the strategy and gain experience before trying your luck with online video poker.

As soon as you start playing video poker online, you will understand how interesting the game is.

The History of Video Poker

The hit card story began in the 1970s, and at that time, computers became hugely popular.

A man named William Redd contributed to the development of slot machines throughout the 1970s. Although company executives did not acknowledge his idea of a new game called Poker.

After signing an agreement with Reno’s subsidiary, Fortune Coin-William Redd established a company called Sarcoma. This is an acronym for Si Redd’s Coin Machines.

During the 1980s, Poker was noticed and became a worldwide phenomenon. Top games include Jacks or Better, Aces and Faces, Joker Poker, Deuces Wild, and Tens or Better.

Terms of Video Poker

Video Poker, like any other casino game, creates its own list of terms, phrases, and jargon.

  • Action – the total value of the player’s bet
  • Bet Max – this is the highest bet in any Video poker game when 5 cents is staked per game
  • Cycle – the best deck of cards (Royal Flush) is divided on average 1 in 40,000 games
  • Discard – the card or the deck that the player decides to abandon
  • Flush – 1 set of 5 cards of the same suit
  • 4 of a Kind – 1 set of 4 cards of the same value
  • Full House – 3 cards of the same value, plus 1 pair
  • Hand – a set of 5 cards that are dealt to players in the game
  • Jackpot – the biggest bonus, which is usually Royal Flush
  • Payout – is displayed at the bid table
  • Royal Flush – this is the best deck of cards with Ace, King, Queen, Jack, and 10 of the same suit
  • Winning Hand – winning combination hand

Video Poker Rules

In terms of playing video poker, players bet an amount each turn, then open 5 cards, and are given an extra turn. And players can throw or hold any card, and any number of cards is fine.

This is a general rule of video poker intended to give the game intelligence.

In turn 2, a good experienced player will know which cards to discard and which cards to keep.

Typically, Video poker games consist of standard decks of 52 cards. The exception to this is the Joker Wild games in which the deck includes cards.

To start placing a bet, press the dealer button and choose which card to hold and discard. Slot poker machines will immediately replace the discarded cards with the new cards.


You will get paid at the bid table based on the 5 cards’ value in your hand. The ranking system in any typical poker machine is based on a specific playstyle.

Normally, the Royal Flush (consisting of cards J, Q, K, A, 10) is the best suit of any kind. For example, in Jacks or Better, a player needs to keep a Jacks or higher pair to win.

Although casinos have a greater win rate in video poker than a table game like roulette, video poker has a lower win rate than most bets on Sic Bo and Dragon Tiger.

In addition, the player also likes the possibility of winning large sums of money with a Royal Flush or Four Aces.

Those strong hands are usually easier to hit than jackpots on slot machines, and many forms of video poker increase the variety of video poker while keeping the same 5-card poker style.

A lot of Asian-style online casinos feature traditional table games like Pai Gow, as well as new games, like Asian Poker (a variation of Pai Gow and the 13-card Chinese game).

Video poker games are usually Samurai or Dragon themed; But the game is essentially the same thing: hand with the strongest 5 cards to win with at least one pair of jacks or more.

Single-line video games in all variants such as Jack or Better, Deuces Wild, or even Joker Poker requires little a maximum of one credit to play, and any winning hand has a payout multiplied by the number of credits staked.

However, there is no maximum payout for a pot of breakers unless the player places at least five 5 credits (greater than on some other machine). A common lobby break is eaten 100 units per credit placed.

However, at the 5 coins threshold, the jackpot is paid: 4000 credits, or 1 to 800.

Top 5 Best Video Poker Malaysia Website In 2020

1. W88

Most of the time, online betting sites cater to players with video poker titles. The W88 website is one of the players’ top priority choices. Players appreciate W88 not only because the dealer has so many interesting betting games.

W88 also overcomes a weakness that many other bookmakers have. That is, the payment status is too long. With this site, if you win video poker, the redemption takes place within minutes.


Another plus that makes it impossible for players to ignore the Video poker casino at W88 is the deposit speed of only 4 minutes.

Thus, you will never have to miss the game you love, much less lose the benefits of the promotions offered by the dealer.

Criteria for players to judge a dealer reputable or not based on the quality of that application.

The W88 dealer has a sharp, user-friendly interface that is easy to use. Harmonious colors, categories scientifically arranged to bring high search possibilities.

Besides, the transmission is stable, and there is no phenomenon of you being pushed out during betting.

Most importantly, the application to play Video poker on W88 has both mobile and PC versions, suitable for Windows, iOS, and Android operating systems.

Players can comfortably experience on many electronic connected devices and many different interfaces. Each interface is optimized and upgraded to give players the best entertainment moments

One of the strong competition W88 offers in the online betting market. Those are my promotions with great deals. First-time players and long-time players, when you join Video poker, you will receive a significant amount of money.

There are even customers who also receive incentives and promotions 100% bonus for the first time to deposit money to play.

2. K8

It will be flawed if we do not mention the K8 dealer on this list. This is a dealer operating under the license of Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation.

In addition, K8 has many years of service to customers, so the prestige and quality are confirmed by the customers of this house.


Not only owning a lot of entertainment betting games such as casino, sports, Slot games, lottery, K8 also stands out with the video poker game that everyone loves.

The rate of redemption is attractive, and the account registration process is not difficult. Depending on the door you place your bet, the dealer will pay the corresponding odds.

Even so, you can rest assured because all of them are beneficial to the customer.

The rules of Video poker at K8 are similar to those of other bookies. However, the video poker games on this website have an easy-to-play interface, easy to see, and many tables for us to choose from.

Video poker genres, such as Draw Poker, Community Card Poker, Stud Poker. The rules are easy to understand. You just need to observe a few turns to know what you need to do and how to win.

Suppose you are a smart customer. You will definitely find a Video poker gaming site with a high level of confidence in information security and secure, fast refunds like the K8.

This dealer has a modern technology background, the ability to store large data. More importantly, such information is kept safely, absolutely not disclosed to any third party.


According to statistics, the number of HappyLuke participants is increasing, and they regularly visit the Video poker casino. With acute, a bit classic yet easy to use interface, HappyLuke keeps its customers in the mood.

HappyLuke’s weak point is that there is no sports betting. But the video poker game has helped this house to attract a large number of members over the years.


There is one thing that is different between HappyLuke’s Video poker table compared to other bookmakers. It is here that you do not have to deal with too many other competitors.

The poker table only consists of you and the dealer. Thanks to this card, the risk of losing is also reduced.

Compared to having to fight other players at the same table, confrontation with the house eliminates many unpredictable potential.

HappyLuke provides excellent customer support. Registration to become a Video poker player at HappyLuke is not difficult; just a few simple steps, providing complete information, the dealer will quickly approve.

You also feel satisfied because of the simple procedure. The information provided is absolutely confidential.

In addition, the HappyLuke customer care service is very good; the incentives also conquer customers. The bookie serves you anytime, anywhere.

Whenever you have a complaint or question, please contact the dealer for the best support.

There are a variety of offers exclusive to Video poker games such as card top-up cashback and first-time 100% bonus offering real benefits. That is your chance to make the most of your benefits.


1xBet was founded in 2007, and since then, it offers top quality services to all casino enthusiasts everywhere.

With a new approach that focuses on innovation and puts players first, 1xBet rapidly expands to more and more territories and gradually affirms itself as the world’s leading online bookmaker and bookmaker.

So if you are looking for a world-class Video poker casino experience, then it’s time to get into 1xBet and learn everything about what they’ve prepared for you.


1xBet website is available in over 50 languages, no matter where you are playing. You will always be able to easily grasp whatever information you are looking for without using a translator.

What’s more, there are even more currencies that you can choose to play with, so you never have to worry about currency exchanges.

And speaking of localization services, the customer support is also available in more than 30 languages ​​, so you can easily deal with any situation that may be encountered during your time with 1xBet.

If variety is what you are looking for, then 1xBet casino is the right place.

Here, in addition to video poker games, you will have the opportunity to choose from over 8000 online slot machines, table games, and live dealer games from 30 of the best software vendors in the industry.

This means you’ll have instant access to all the newly launched games as well as all-time classics from top vendors.

On top of that, you can also play all-time classics, slots, and table games like the test of time like Starburst, Thunderstruck II, or Gonzo’s Quest.

If you are impressed by the variety offered by 1xBet in the game department, be prepared to be surprised but what they can offer when it comes to payment options.

There are over 200 deposit options to choose from, so you can send money instantly no matter which corner of the world you are playing games in.

1xBet includes all possible payment options for both standard and crypto so you can easily deposit money to enjoy your favorite games.
In the digital age, nothing is more important than making sure your personal and financial data is secure. 1xBet ensures that all the information you share with them is confidential through the best network security protocols.

On top of that, no one can access your account because other than the username and password you use to sign in. You can enable 2-Factor Authentication to ensure your account is always safe.

888 Casino

888 Casino was born in 1997, is one of the longest-running online casinos. In the fiercely competitive online gambling industry, where casinos open and die every day, being around for so long has been something special.

Not only is it one of the oldest online casinos, 888 Casino has built up one of the most prestigious brands in the online gambling world.
888 Casino is licensed by the Gibraltar Government and endorsed by fair play and player protection organizations such as eCogra.

Over the years, 888 Casino has received many of the best Casino awards of the year voted by prestigious organizations.


The casino currently serves more than 25 million players from all over the world, making them one of the biggest casinos on the internet.
888 Casino offers a wide variety of games, with a portfolio of more than 200 games, of all genres, including video poker. It is enough to satisfy any player’s needs.

Besides the traditional games, 888 Casino is also the paradise of Live Dealer games. Those are the games where the dealer is real, very hot or handsome, streamed live from 888 Casino’s studios.

You can join Live Dealer games like Baccarat, Blackjack, Caribbean Stud, Three Card Poker, Roulette, and Dream Catcher. You will place the money, watch the Dealers spin the spin or deal, and can chat with them.

This feels like you’re playing at real casinos and even makes you forget you’re playing online.

For convenience, when playing on your computer, you do not need to download and install software as before, but you can participate in web-based games.

That means you will log in to your account, top-up, and play directly on the web browser.

For mobile devices, you can also play directly on the mobile web browser or download separate apps from the Google Play Store and App Store.

In general, the 888 Casino’s graphics are quite eye-catching. The games are smooth and stable. Live games have beautiful, high resolution (depends on your connection speed).

In particular, 888 Casino has recently updated a new design with a more modern and tidy interface.
888 supports many payment methods. You can deposit and withdraw money at 888 Casino using your bank account or e-wallets like Skrill and Neteller.

Recharge via online banking or e-wallet is very fast, and the money will be updated to your account instantly.
For the withdrawal direction, the processing speed of 888 can make you unsatisfied. Withdrawals at 888 have to wait 3 days to be processed.

During this time, you can change your mind and cancel the withdrawal if you wish.

888 Casino offers customer support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In addition, you can also chat directly with the assistant in some time frames.

Strategy when playing Video Poker

Video Poker is one of the most popular casino games available today. Its gameplay is quite simple and easy to play.

Compared to popular games like Blackjack, Roulette or Baccarat, the odds of winning in this game are considered to be higher.

However, these do not mean that you can win easily. According to experts and veterans, you should have the right strategies to minimize the risk of losing and increase your chances of winning.

Here are the tactics you should learn before you start betting:

Practice a lot

While betting and winning bets depend on luck, you don’t always sit and wait for your lucky hand. Making the right betting decision is the main factor in determining whether you lose or win.

Therefore, it really helps to practice regularly before playing.

Choose The Reasonable and Best Table/Player

Usually, the machines will not explain to the player the amount the machine will pay before the game starts. However, Video Poker is the exact opposite.

Before the game starts, you will be notified of the payment limit right on the screen. This is purely an advantage as players will know how much profit they can make after they win.


Usually, the rate of return that the dealer will take in Video Poker will be lower than in other games. Each Video Poker machine will have its own payout.

Therefore, you should choose the machine with the appropriate rate of payment. For example, the profit the machine will take is 3%. 97% of the total winnings will belong to the player.

There will be machines that only take 1-2%, so you should research carefully before starting.

Max Bet

It can be said that this is not a very attractive idea for many people. One thing you should know is that maximizing bets will help you win big.

However, you have to follow and max bet many rounds. Consider your funding source before making this option.

Advanced Video Poker Tactics

If you’ve been playing Video Poker for a while, and get bored with the basics, try the advanced strategies. These strategies will help you increase your chances of winning and win a lot more easily.

Play Slowly

This tactic may sound unreasonable and maybe ridiculous to a lot of people, but the effect is expected. Most Video Poker games things happen very quickly.

And that seems to be what the game designer wanted. Bet fast and lose fast, the casino owner will profit for them. Play as slowly as possible. This will help you minimize the loss.

Play Cumulative Jackpot Video Poker

Jackpot is what all players want, no matter what online game it is. The amount of winnings is huge, but to get it is not easy.

The Video Poker experts claim that, if conditions permit, find machines that offer progressive jackpots and combine it with Max Bet. The amount of winnings that it brings will be a number that everyone would expect.

Where to Play Video Poker?

Having the simple gameplay, video poker is often played online on casino websites, so it is also known as online video poker.

Unlike the video poker casino genre, players are completely comfortable placing bets on websites and can be assured of fairness.

You can refer to reputable bookmakers for playing video poker at the Betting Valley website. This website specializes in providing all the useful information about online casinos and online betting.


Most of the major casino sites introduced by Betting Valley have to sign an agreement with the authorities that they must ensure fairness in the games they offer.

The bookmakers are not allowed to interfere with these programs if they do not want to be fined and confiscated their business license.

Moreover, these websites have been quality censored to ensure fairness and transparency for players. So you can enjoy video poker at the dealerships at Betting Valley with complete peace of mind.

Final Words

Online video poker has become a hobby for many online casino players since the advent and development of casino websites for many years.

The above article has provided information about reputable Malaysian websites where you can play video poker.

Hopefully, the above article has helped you understand useful information about this game. Use our strategies for easy victory while playing.

Wish you will have a great experience with an online casino.

Thanks for reading our articles!